Tips on Choosing the Right Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are the most important part of the garden. Especially when it comes to a garden’s maintenance and neatness shed plays a vital role. You can store all of the gardening tools and accessories in it, such as big length pipes for watering, gardening tools, bags of potting soil and etc.

Garden sheds help us to crimp all the mess from garden, tiding up all the scattered stuff, giving you a neat look.

As a shed plays a dominant role in garden, it is the most frustrating and sensitive part to choose a shed that will be up to our need.

Following are some tips one should always follow while looking for a perfect garden shed:

The most basic thing you should always keep in your mind is where you are going to place your shed, as its size is totally dependable upon it.

After selecting a perfect place where you are going to fit your shed; you must make or choose the shed according to the size or area.

A shed with more of the shelves will be good enough as they will allow your more space to put your accessories.

It is said that the appearance of a shed affects the overall look of the garden. So choose a good looking one.

The type of door, roof and windows are so vital for a shed’s outlook. Depending up on your need and garden size you have several different options to choose a door, window or a roof.

Door: Having a small shed will not allows you to choose a double door so you may come up with a single hinged door, sliding door, or a roller door. Rolling doors will safe much of your space.
Having a bigger one will give you more options you may use double hinged doors, double sliders or again a roller door.

Window: The windows plays most important role. They allow having a breeze in the summer, bringing in sunlight in the winter and are also a good way of letting in some light. Sliding windows are the best option for a garden shed.

Roof: There are several types of roofs for a garden sheds which are equally easy to build and are best in their own ways. We should keep this in mind that the roofing style should also match the existing style of the main house and backyard where it sits. You may go for a pyramid roof, a gable style roof, a flat roof or etc.

Floor: After deciding the whole structure and the ideal location of your garden shed then come the flooring. Clear all of the debris where needed. If you are going for a concrete slab, make a structure of wood you need to create a frame to pour the concrete into; measuring and constructing the box away from where you plan to put the slab is the best way to avoid inconvenience. If not concrete; rather than putting your shed on a pallet, cobble stones or not having a floor at all one should use floors for having a stress free and a durable shed. Most of the people rely more on a timber floor as it is more sufficient.

What Kind of Door Should I Choose for My Garden Shed?

A doorway is something through which you enter a room without. A door enables you to close that for privacy, environmental or security reasons keeping pests and rain and cold out, and be secure.

Different sheds come up with different types of doors depending upon its type and structure.

Following are some best types of doors people may choose for their sheds:

1) Hinged Doors:

The most common among all is the hinged door. Using a traditional hinged door is a great option. Most sheds has double hinged doors while a few have only a single door depending on the shed size.

They are simple, easy to use and effective ones coming up with most of the sheds. They are sturdy.

The dimension and the size of the door are dependable on the size of shed that you are building.

Shed doors do tend to be a bit smaller than your average house door. For example a typical door to a shed may have an opening measuring two feet seven inches wide and six feet high. This can be compared with a typical house door being two feet seven inches wide by six-foot six inches high.

And when it comes to double hinged doors, it will give more space when moving large objects in and out of the shed while ensuring a durable opening.

Small sized sheds normally have single doors while the big ones would offer double swinging doors.



2) Sliding door:

Many people have the misunderstanding of the sliding doors that they cover up extra wall space and also jam and leak.

Sliding doors are used by majority as they are economical on space. It takes less area to accommodate and gives us a large space for its opening. The best part of these doors is they can open without compromising internal space or opening outwards to obstruct the road. They are best as they do not blow around in high and heavy winds.

They just need a single push to shut them and then all you have is safe and secure shed.

You may also have a sliding door or a double; depending upon the size of the shed. The double ones move in the opposite direction of each other and allow you more space to take in the bulky items.



3) Roller Doors:

When you are tired of those swinging doors, you have another option too. Here are the roller doors which rolls up like a garage door so they fit perfectly. They do not require room and space to open up the door;  giving  you a much bigger opening to reach up to your items easily and clearly. It also does not require any inner or outer space to open.

These doors give a smart and neat look to your shed.  Saving your space it also gives you a best space to store you bulky items such as bi-cycle, machines and tool kits.

It gives you a best option to lock your valuable items.

Common Garden Shed Roof Options

We know to have the right foundation is incredibly important and so is a roof. Roof plays a very important role in our home. It is the covering of the uppermost part which provides protection from animals and weather and climate. It also protects the inner structure of the house from the natural disasters or change in climates like tornadoes, snowfall, thunderstorms etc.

Selecting roof top is not an easy task. For choosing a shed roof there are several different shed roof styles which are equally easy to build and are best in their own ways. We should keep this in mind that the roofing style should also match the existing style of the main house and backyard where it sits.

Following are the roof styles for the shed you may choose:

1) Gable Style Roof:

The gable style roof is one of the most common styles of roof in today’s world. It is also known as pitched roof, apex roof, or peaked gable. It has two sloping faces meeting at a peak giving a triangular shape.

This type of roofing cast off water with ease, as well as Sheds rain, snow, ice easily which eliminates the need to regularly check on in.

It could be made up of different materials depending upon the need. A wood sheathing, felt paper, shingles or sheets of metal could be used in its making.

Gable style roof style is simple, easy and less expensive to build.

2) Flat Roof:

Here comes another commonest and least expensive roof type, which is easier to build requiring fewer materials. Mentioning its success it is one of the least expensive types of roof and can be used in areas with high or low rainfall.

When getting a shed with a flat roof, one should always take care to place the shed in such a way that it receives daylight and wind to aid in the drying process and ceiling.

Keeping it strong enough one can be used as a patio and is also a good place to install solar panels.

 3) Skillion /Sloping roof:

It is one of the easiest roofs to build. It is also known as pent roof.  It has a single roof plane that’s sloping down a side.  This is one of the most economical roof types to build which is designed to help with drainage and water run-off.

4) The Barn style roof:

Simple construction with two roof beams and a series of gusset joints gives you a barn style roof which is a double slope style of roof. Its lower slope tends to be almost, but not quite, vertical. The upper section of the roof has a much lower slope.

It is very commonly used in northeastern side of U.S and is seen on homes, log cabins, and most importantly on garden sheds. It offers plenty of extra space for storage.

5) The Pyramid Style Roof

As the name says it look a lot like the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

All four sides of the roof meet in a point at the top of the roof. Each of the four sides has a single slope. There are no gables or vertical sides.

These roofs are a good choice for smaller sheds and are best to use in areas with high winds.


How to Set Up Concrete Slab for Your Garden Shed?

A single story roof structure placed in the backyard or in the corner of a garden is known as garden shed. Sheds require a durable and a long lasting base. People usually avoid putting their shed on a pallet, cobble stones; rather they likely choose a concrete slab. If one wants a strong foundation he/she must go for this.

Though it looks like a small simple part of an overall construction process, but getting the foundation right is incredibly important as a little mistake in it will only get worse as you go up.

Following are some steps you should follow while setting up a concrete slab for your garden shed:

  • Once a shed is located on its perfect position one should always avoid its relocation. Locate it up in such a way that good air circulation will add lifespan to it.
  • A quick analysis of your garden to build up a shed is needed. Checking out the soil and air circulation is most needed.
  • Once you have chosen a site, clear the area and remove any grass if needed.
  • Roughly make a structure where you’ve planned to put your slab; determine how much of digging you will need.
  • Determine all the measurements and pegs you will need. Always remember, the recommended slab size should be 50mm-100mm larger than your shed’s external dimensions.  When it comes to rebated section, it will be 50mm less than the external dimensions.  Depth of the rebate should be 20mm.   Slab size should be around 3.05m or 3.1m, depending on your preference.  The rebated area should then be 2.95m x 2.95m.

Here is a detailed rebated slab dimensions and recommended anchor sets for Easy SHED models:

You need to create a frame to pour the concrete into; measuring and constructing the box away from where you plan to put the slab is the best way to avoid inconvenience.

Once you have dug the area out and made up to the level, place the box in the area.

Now that the boxing is in position, build up a level. Support these timbers, nailed or screwed to create the frame the corners, with supports on the outside edges of the frame. In some cases, you may need more than one peg or screws on the side.

It is important to check the depth of the area you will be filling with concrete. As if it’s less or more; the concrete will flow outside the box.

Use a spirit level every now and then to check the depth of the area within the box.

Fill in the concrete and level it up with shovels to the height of the boxing.

Screen the concrete off with aluminum screen or length of timber. To keep it up to the mark.

Keep out the concrete for around half an hour to let it dry, then complete rebate with an edging tool.

Wait for a day or so depending on your weather conditions, and then use it!

8 Common Accessories for Your Garden Sheds

Garden shed is basically a small room or a room like structure placed in the corner of a garden which is purposely used for storage. It could be made of any material either wood or metal.

  1. Shelving Unit

Racks are most easy solution to crimp all the mess; they come up in different shapes with different materials and sizes to help you out. We should keep an eye on what space you will need, what are your plans to store on them. Making shelves in your shed is the right decision to store things. These racks take up no floor space.

  1. Box Storage

Other than shelves you will need box storages to tidy up all of the scattered stuff. Giving a neat look these boxes will give you a break from looking out for the things from the mess. Doing this all in a very organized way one should keep that in mind that what is kept in which box. You may also label them.

  1. Storing the Little Things

Coming towards the most frustrating part, keeping the little things carefully is toughest of all. And when it comes to search them from a messy tool box or a drawer, it is the most irritating of all. These screws, nails, pegs, measuring tape, seeds etc, must be kept in such a way that one could easily find them. Putting them in small plastic bags is the best way to keep tm nicely.

  1. Lights

Almost for all of the sheds you should have an additional skylight sheet which allows the natural light to get into the shed, which will help you to see things clearly without using other flash lights.

  1. Flooring

All sheds need a sturdy base; it could be a timber floor or concrete pad. Other than putting your shed on a pallet, cobble stones or not having a floor at all one should use floors for having a stress free and a durable shed. Most of the people rely more on a timber floor as it is more sufficient. One can purchase wooden flooring kits or can opt for the standard rebated floor kit or the heavy duty floor kit for uneven surfaces.

To avoid relocation of your shed one should go for an easier option that is a timber floor.

  1. Sliding windows

Shed windows are the most dominant elements of a shed. Sliding windows allow having a breeze in the summer, and bringing in sunlight in the winter. Sliding window is also a good way of letting in some light.

7.  Guttering

Saving you from sewage problems one should always take care of guttering systems and its lines. We need to put such a setup of guttering that will not affect the current design.

  1. Shed Blanket

The shed blanket is purposely designed to make sure that your shed and contents are kept cool in summer, warm in winter and dry all year round. Shed blanket covers the roof and minimizes roof condensation. It maintains better temperatures in your shed throughout the year.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Buy A Garden Shed?

Garden sheds today became a necessity in homes. There is a lot of extra luggage that needs to be stored. Selecting right garden shed according to our need is not an easy task. It is a simple product with complex buying directory. The simplest way of purchasing a garden shed is order online. On internet you can find wide variety of sheds in different materials, sizes and designs. Customer can select a suitable match easily. But with ease comes a risk. On internet you cannot tangibly check material and it might happen that what you get is not what you supposed to have. For example fake retailers; they take your money and never deliver what you order, fraud, hackers these types of risks are involved in ordering online with that also ordering from not well reputable retailer can drag you to cry for after sale services. At times, adequate information about product is not available online and customer ends up ordering unsuitable product for them. With risk, customer have benefits of wide variety and bigger range,  ordering online from your smart device is much more time efficient then going to market place, if you find a trusted retailer online services can be much more efficient and it will be cheaper as it involves less subsidiaries.

Now comes to the point what qualities you have to keep in mind before buying or ordering online a shed. First of all its

Size: Know what space you have in your area and for what kind of things you have to use shed for and on these two criteria calculate size. Measuring right size is very important because if shed size is bigger or smaller either way it will be useless to you.

Shed Material: Before ordering you have to decide the material you will need i.e. wood, metal or plastic. They all have their own benefits and purposes for example wooden sheds are durable and beautiful hence increase beauty of your garden. Metal sheds are heat, water resistant and more secure. Plastic shed are cost effective and require less maintenance. Identify your need and then select material you want in your garden.

Construction: sheds have different construction techniques for example overlap, tongue and groove. They all constructed for different purposes i.e. garden storage or for leisure time, rain proof and garden workshops respectively.

Price: What price range you have to spend. Know your range before soaking your hands.

Roof type: The primary rooftop sorts are Gable, slanting and Flat rooftop. This choice essentially comes down to the span of the shed.

Assess: What type of doors you are expecting in you shed single door or double door etc. Then what level of security do you want in your shed depends on type of things you store in it.

Windows: do your shed require windows this will be decided by the quantity of light require in your shed. If you are planning to keep plants or make it a creative gallery you probably require shed with bog windows but if you are intended to keep chemicals its best to  have less windows.    

What Could Metal Garden Sheds do for you

Metal sheds are made up of thin metallic shield supported by metal frames. They are recommended in long term use. They are hard core, resistant to fire, rot or termites. But they can rust over long period of times but are more reliable than other materials. They are important in extreme weather conditions. It provides protection to your tools and equipment. Unlike wood they are water proof which leads to swelling and rotting of wood. It also saves your storage materials from rats and pests that make it a suitable place for seed storage. It also provides security from theft and robbery as they don’t have any windows, extra doors and are amiable with locks. Security is it first and far most important functions.

Then it can also be used as home office, an outdoor pub, or gym, game room, home spa, music studio, play room, home cinema etc. Metal sheds keep all your equipments safe from pests, water and from rotting and secure from break in and felony. This all options will enhance luxury with in your home moreover it will be cost effective, reliable and long term affluence. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible for a person to work and ponder over things with inside the house due to noise and flow of disturbance so metal sheds can be a relaxing place where one can work or work out things in peace. You can get creative in this area make art, tune up some music etc. Again for a home of kids this can be a play full place to have fun for kids. They can play, junk up the place and have their time outside the house. In this way your house will be clean as well as kids will have their own activity. In this way sheds can be enjoyable for both elders and kids and is an awesome support to gardening hobby.

Some other creative ways to enjoy sheds are make it a man cave. Store food and drinks that can be used on man parties games etc instead of disturbing the family house. It can be hobby shed where you can enjoy your relaxing time. One just needs few lights and this place is good to work. Then metal sheds can be pet house. It is possible for some people that they are allergic to some pets or some puffy animals that are bad for furniture. For them these pets can be kept in safe house outside the home. It can be potting and gardening shed which is kind of its basic purpose. Gardening is a soulful hobby and this shed can be its complementary part. Use it as Pooling is another creative way to use it. One has to only maintain it. Or besides a swimming pool this can be a bathing or changing room. it will be more convenient to have it right beside the pool. Your metal shed can be an excellent farming spot as it is safe and secure.

There are more other ways of use metal sheds you just need to be creative and think out of the box.

What Can You Store in Garden Sheds

Garden sheds have a number of benefits. If one wants to own a lovely and angelic garden they need a garden sheds but this is not its only task. A gardener knows to keep garden alive and clean they need a storage room where they can keep tools, equipments, extra pots, plants, insect killers and pesticides etc. hence a beautiful room that keeps all the dirt away from your garden. Garden sheds makes your garden comfortable, pleasurable and more convenient. Garden sheds can also be used as working shop or potting area. Homes with kids, this can play a role of playing area as well.

Here are some of the ideas that we need in our garden shed to make it more efficient and relaxed.

There is no beauty without tidiness. Maintaining a garden is a dirty job; to clean up wet dirt and chemical pesticides a gardener needs a Microfiber Cloth. New technologies make it more porous to increase its absorbent qualities.

Through proper organizing, storage space can be extended in miles. For this purpose a garden shed require a Peg Board. This provides a hanging space where tools and equipments can be hanged and can be easily found when required.

For energy conservation and cheap electricity placing Solar Rechargeable for Small Gadgets is not a bad concept. Garden sheds are exposed to daylight for greater part of day, can be easily charge. But it does not imply that they need to abandon the capacity to energize their own cutting edge contraptions. Now technologies enable users to a USB charger that are smaller than cell phones. Some of them even  accompany suction mugs so they can be introduced on your shed’s windows. In this way Solar Emergency Flashlight for Night is of a great use and should be in garden sheds.  Solar Shed Light another solar application. These works like normal tube lights. Their circuit is exposed to sun where it conserves energy. They can cover full nights. They are reliable thus does not require constant maintenance.

Gardeners require cord and wires to tie plant in order to compliment its growth. These threads and fires can cause unease while storing in sheds for this Creative Sting and Twin Organizer is a need. For this funnels hanged to the walls can be useful.

And in the last gardening is a full time job and very relaxing to those who own gardening as a hobby. This job is addictive and become passion to some. For those passionate people, shed should be luxuries and comfortable so that they can warm-up their nerves. For this gardener needs a Propone Space Heater if you are living in colder areas or may be an Air-conditioned to make a relaxing working condition. Consider size and air flow in the shed to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Then Flip down TV this will save you from choosing between your passion and favorite TV shows, who can say no to it? And last but most important a Comfortable Arm Chair. Gardening is a hectic job so at the end of they day you need a comfortable place to sit, observe and enjoy all your hard work.  

How to Assemble a Kitset Shed?

Assembling a kitset shed is an easy but a thorough and careful task. Every shed comes with some instruction. In this article we will outline the crucial steps of assembling kitset shed but first of all one have to go through the entitled instruction manual before commencing any action.

Some of the tools that your are required for assembling are electric drills, screws, hammer, ladder, screw driver bits, measuring tape and rulers, rivet gun, safety glasses, non slip gloves, grippers, shifting spinner, rubber mallet. It is advised that shed should not be laid in strong winds. Before building it one should know the building codes in the area. Safety recommendation also says to wear safety gloves and full sleeves because she material may have sharp edges. Also during drilling remember to wear protective eye wear. Keep children and pets away from your work area.

  • After this, the first step will be choosing a suitable place for your selected shed material. A leveled land is necessary in providing the solid base to your shed. After smoothing and cleaning the area and lay concrete slab. For this measure the area and construct a base box where you intend to put the slab. Fill this area with concrete; also pin the box to the ground so that it cannot be move from its position. A Shed should be set on a concrete slab and anchor properly.
  • Unpack the box and check all the pieces and panels as illustrated in instruction menu. All panels are engraved with numbers for easy identification.
  • Place your panels over timber lane and join the sheets together with screws.
  • Now position the channels over the edge of panels. Tap channels gently and they will be fixed lock with panels giving you a continuous metallic shield.
  • Now assemble door as printed in manual. Every panel has pre frilled screw holes and screws will be provided with them. Join the sheets to form a door.
  • Now assemble rear panel by following instructions. Identify panel, screw them attached and tap channels gently to for a continuous sheet.
  • Following similar steps join side panels.
  • Then join roof panel by following the identified panels mentioned in your manual. Followed by front panel assembly.
  • Now join door assembly and connect it. For this purpose connect door with panel using rivet guns, nuts and bolts that are provided with the package.
  • Now for shed erection, start with back wall and a side wall. Aligned panels with pre drilled holes, fitting in notched channels. Once aligned connect the panel with screws.
  • After making side and back panels strong enough to stand, start working with the roof. The roof beams will gives a solid foundation to install the roof panels on. Their roof will screw into panels. After forming roof place it over gable rings.
  • Finally tight the gable panels and folds top and bottom flanges over them.
  • Last step is to make your shed strong. Drill you panels and tight the screws for reliability.


Now you are free to enjoy your shed.

How to Choose a Garden Shed

A garden shed is basically a simple, single-story roofed structure in a back garden that is utilized for storage, leisure activities, or as a workshop. Cleanliness and well maintenance enhance the beauty of a garden. Experts know how to manage every single plant as they are also living organism. For this, separate tools and extras are required. And undoubtedly to store dirty tool one needs a separate storage space that also beautifies garden. Sheds can be built too but they are ready made available in market for ease.

Here are some creative designs for the sheds.

Designer Shed: These sheds are well planned sheds with stone walls, wooden frame and plenty of storage space. It’s more like of a small storage room which gives your garden a very self-effacing and decorative look.

 Tire Shed:  This shed shows a very creative recycling of tires. This come with the quality of water proof exterior that keep its interior dry and perfect for storing tools.


Small Shed: These shed occupy small area but that does not means it hold small storage space. Well managed drawers and hanging pull a lot of benefit from it.


Reclaimed Wood Shed: This shed is cost effective made up of already used materials. This can be use in back area for extra storage in exchange of cheap value.


Plank Bottle Shed:  In creativity this design goes a mile long as it is made up of water bottles and plank wood. Beautiful, alluring and cute design earns a unique point. Another benefit of it is that it is well ventilated thus plants and seeds can be store in it.


Easy Shed Gable Roof 3mX3m:  it serves the purpose for the family who needs more than average storage. It has a simple design, metal box, easily available and ready to use. Its sale is growing vastly.


Absco Bike Shed 2.26m X 0.78m:  Again this is a metal box used to store bike and gears. It can be used as various purposes like bike and tools storage, extra furniture storage, pools or pumps storage etc.


 Keter high Store 1.39mX0.77mX1.81mX Resign Unit: This is more of a storage cabinet with door flying out. It is famous for its UV reflecting material, reliability and long lasting color.


Yardsaver F63 2.1mX 1.07m:  Slimline Yardsaver gives open accessibility with two doors. It is Convenient for the good storage. It has a flat roof that enables it for saving under objects. Its wide circumferences increase storage capacity.  


Cheap Shed Gable Roof 1.76mX2.1m: As name declares it is cost effective. This is popular in Austrailia. It is cube shaped that make it easily storable in the corner etc.

Hut Shed: Hut shed are made up of wood. Its wood color fits perfectly with green garden color. It’s more of a traditional style. It serves storage purpose as well as increase enchantment of the garden.


Country Green House Shed: This is more of a additional room with a workshop. Deals purpose of huge storage. Its rustic design goes well with the theme