Common Garden Shed Roof Options

We know to have the right foundation is incredibly important and so is a roof. Roof plays a very important role in our home. It is the covering of the uppermost part which provides protection from animals and weather and climate. It also protects the inner structure of the house from the natural disasters or change in climates like tornadoes, snowfall, thunderstorms etc.

Selecting roof top is not an easy task. For choosing a shed roof there are several different shed roof styles which are equally easy to build and are best in their own ways. We should keep this in mind that the roofing style should also match the existing style of the main house and backyard where it sits.

Following are the roof styles for the shed you may choose:

1) Gable Style Roof:

The gable style roof is one of the most common styles of roof in today’s world. It is also known as pitched roof, apex roof, or peaked gable. It has two sloping faces meeting at a peak giving a triangular shape.

This type of roofing cast off water with ease, as well as Sheds rain, snow, ice easily which eliminates the need to regularly check on in.

It could be made up of different materials depending upon the need. A wood sheathing, felt paper, shingles or sheets of metal could be used in its making.

Gable style roof style is simple, easy and less expensive to build.

2) Flat Roof:

Here comes another commonest and least expensive roof type, which is easier to build requiring fewer materials. Mentioning its success it is one of the least expensive types of roof and can be used in areas with high or low rainfall.

When getting a shed with a flat roof, one should always take care to place the shed in such a way that it receives daylight and wind to aid in the drying process and ceiling.

Keeping it strong enough one can be used as a patio and is also a good place to install solar panels.

 3) Skillion /Sloping roof:

It is one of the easiest roofs to build. It is also known as pent roof.  It has a single roof plane that’s sloping down a side.  This is one of the most economical roof types to build which is designed to help with drainage and water run-off.

4) The Barn style roof:

Simple construction with two roof beams and a series of gusset joints gives you a barn style roof which is a double slope style of roof. Its lower slope tends to be almost, but not quite, vertical. The upper section of the roof has a much lower slope.

It is very commonly used in northeastern side of U.S and is seen on homes, log cabins, and most importantly on garden sheds. It offers plenty of extra space for storage.

5) The Pyramid Style Roof

As the name says it look a lot like the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

All four sides of the roof meet in a point at the top of the roof. Each of the four sides has a single slope. There are no gables or vertical sides.

These roofs are a good choice for smaller sheds and are best to use in areas with high winds.