How to Assemble a Kitset Shed?

Assembling a kitset shed is an easy but a thorough and careful task. Every shed comes with some instruction. In this article we will outline the crucial steps of assembling kitset shed but first of all one have to go through the entitled instruction manual before commencing any action.

Some of the tools that your are required for assembling are electric drills, screws, hammer, ladder, screw driver bits, measuring tape and rulers, rivet gun, safety glasses, non slip gloves, grippers, shifting spinner, rubber mallet. It is advised that shed should not be laid in strong winds. Before building it one should know the building codes in the area. Safety recommendation also says to wear safety gloves and full sleeves because she material may have sharp edges. Also during drilling remember to wear protective eye wear. Keep children and pets away from your work area.

  • After this, the first step will be choosing a suitable place for your selected shed material. A leveled land is necessary in providing the solid base to your shed. After smoothing and cleaning the area and lay concrete slab. For this measure the area and construct a base box where you intend to put the slab. Fill this area with concrete; also pin the box to the ground so that it cannot be move from its position. A Shed should be set on a concrete slab and anchor properly.
  • Unpack the box and check all the pieces and panels as illustrated in instruction menu. All panels are engraved with numbers for easy identification.
  • Place your panels over timber lane and join the sheets together with screws.
  • Now position the channels over the edge of panels. Tap channels gently and they will be fixed lock with panels giving you a continuous metallic shield.
  • Now assemble door as printed in manual. Every panel has pre frilled screw holes and screws will be provided with them. Join the sheets to form a door.
  • Now assemble rear panel by following instructions. Identify panel, screw them attached and tap channels gently to for a continuous sheet.
  • Following similar steps join side panels.
  • Then join roof panel by following the identified panels mentioned in your manual. Followed by front panel assembly.
  • Now join door assembly and connect it. For this purpose connect door with panel using rivet guns, nuts and bolts that are provided with the package.
  • Now for shed erection, start with back wall and a side wall. Aligned panels with pre drilled holes, fitting in notched channels. Once aligned connect the panel with screws.
  • After making side and back panels strong enough to stand, start working with the roof. The roof beams will gives a solid foundation to install the roof panels on. Their roof will screw into panels. After forming roof place it over gable rings.
  • Finally tight the gable panels and folds top and bottom flanges over them.
  • Last step is to make your shed strong. Drill you panels and tight the screws for reliability.


Now you are free to enjoy your shed.